About North Pole Cabins

Your hosts are lifelong Alaskans, the children, and grandchildren of Pioneer Alaskan adventurers. My father drove the Alaska Hwy. Seattle to Fairbanks, as it was being built. In 1943, his trip started in Seattle April 1st and finished in Fairbanks on November 3rd. It was a tough but memorable seven-month trip. My mother was a flight instructor in 1943. She married her 'star pupil' and by 1949 my Dad was supporting his bride and baby son as an Alaskan bush pilot. He flew the SR10 Gull Wing Stinson on wheels, skis, and floats as well as the Norsman, DC3, C46, F27, and for the last eleven years of his career he flew the Boeing 737. In all, he logged nearly 25,000 hours flying miles and miles over vast Alaska wilderness, flying free in our beloved Alaskan skies. My brother operated a flight school and fly-in fishing service for many years. I myself am an 'inactive' private pilot, and busy mother of two growing sons. I enjoy being at our home in the woods. I especially enjoy watching the waterfowl that spend their summer along our waterfront reserve. Our home is as close to living in the Alaskan 'bush' as one can get and still be 5 minutes from restaurants and shops.